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Andrea Dawson and Dennis
Dennis leaning forward

Dennis began his signature talk show,  Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation in 1979 in Los Angeles.  Since then, he as continued the show in Austin, Texas and now virtually with guests from all over the globe.  

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Over Dennis’ career, he has interviewed actors, writers, producers, directors, business executives, entrepreneurs, activists, and many others he has had the good fortune to meet.

“When I appeared on Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation with Dennis I had a simply wonderful time. As a host he made me feel comfortable and relaxed, set the tone, and explained what we were doing – which is really important!!! (Never assume other stakeholders are mind readers! Nothing is obvious to the uninformed — especially in today’s climate of constant minute-to-minute change.) I still go back and watch that episode and laugh out loud. Dennis brought out the best in me. He gave me an opportunity to share wonderful stories. When I die my son will be able to watch it and remember me at my best.”

Amy Samet

Award-winning Speaker, Trainer, Comedian, Mom.

Spike Gillespie

Critically acclaimed author and activist

Clay Boykin

Founder of “In Search of the New Compassionate Male”

Andrea Dawson

Singer/songwriter, entrepreneur and activist

Peter Tork

Monkees band member






Pocket Casts

Radio Public

Clay and Dennis

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