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Targeted branding for maximum impact

Effective branding and messaging are absolute imperatives in our global economy. Dennis will prepare you for a media blitz, vital presentation, new project or marketing launch. He uses his interviewing and coaching expertise to highlight your style, clarify your image, and imprint your brand.

This collaboration will significantly increase your confidence in projecting your brand or message.

Dennis’ clients include executives, sales representatives, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, philanthropists, coaches, economic development groups and corporations.

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Every client is assured complete confidentiality and owns the rights to their video coaching sessions.The video will never be shared or published.

What Coaching Clients Say

“Winning an Olympic gold medal takes honesty, sacrifice and input from many different sources. The video feedback and coaching with Dennis provided an intimate analysis of self, hence, a revived belief in my character and my abilities. This was a wonderful session that I recommend to anyone pursuing their own gold medal!”

Randy Snow

Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Motivational Speaker

Custom communications coaching

“I want to thank you.  You bring out the best in people, parts they never even realized existed, beautiful parts that need to be recognized, nurtured, and cultivated.  Your touch is like sunlight.  It extends far beyond what you could ever see, and does far greater good than you will ever know.  I am a better person because of you, Dennis.  I hope that you take a moment now to bask in the good that you do.“

Laura Redfern

“As part of my ongoing development, Dennis was recommended to me by my Line Manager in Shell. I understood that we would be working in the field of effective communications, and that we did… but much more. I have found – and am finding – an unfolding transformative experience. We discussed bridging the perceptive gap between self and others, and leveraging strengths and characteristics. I am becoming more effective, and more conscious in my daily interactions, more aware. more centered, more present. The gap, I am finding, is exactly where I need to be and our continued dialogue and interaction is opening new avenues in creativity and discovery. Thanks Dennis.”

Derek Smith

First Principles Improvements, LLC

“Dennis transformed my life when he entered it 10 years ago.  Our relationship commenced with him as player-coach and has continued as a priceless companionship built on exploration and relentless footwork.   The player-coach designation fits because he walks alongside you as he unlocks your power and reconfigures your inner-dialogue, the key to progress and peace of mind. The value of what Dennis models and bestows is incalculable. He taught me to eschew the toxicity of results-based thinking and embrace the protracted but fulfilling saunter to success.  Give this man one hour, and he will change your life.  One stride at a time, he changes how you walk and why.”

Robert Kleeman

Elementary school teacher and writer

Workshops & Presentations

Dennis delivers thought-provoking presentations on the power of communication. As a facilitator, he will provide the members of your organization with valuable tools and insights for achieving success.  Dennis can present to your group in-person or virtually.