Dennis Tardan:

Interviewer, Branding & Media Coach

Dennis’ skill in shaping a narrative helps people tell their stories and become more effective at work and life.  He has a gift for making people, think, laugh and evaluate their choices.  Dennis connects people to the possible.

Branding & Media Coaching

Dennis Tardan is a professional interviewer, branding & media coach.  

Dennis offers a unique ability to help people see themselves in a new light and to recognize their talents.  His work is personalized to each project or client. 

 He tailors his media and branding coaching for individuals or companies.  Being able to share your story, deliver your message, or sharpen your brand is critical to success. 

A Priceless Legacy

Imagine if you had the stories of your or a loved one’s life on video drawn out by Dennis Tardan, a professional interviewer, to share now and for generations to come. What an incalculable treasure this would be!

Dennis’ skill at setting a space for graceful conversation and ability to capture the essence of each person he speaks to is what make his interviews so compelling. His genuine curiosity and interest in people’s lives coupled with his more than 45 years of experience as an interviewer make him uniquely qualified to capture your journey and milestones for posterity.

Dennis expertly draws out the personality of everyone he interviews, whether capturing the memories of a loved one, marking a life milestone, or talking about life to musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Strait and Andrea Dawson, activists like Emma Knight and Chris Searles, show business icons like Mel Blanc, Peter Tork, and Doris Roberts, and sports legends like Billie Jean King, Chris Evert and Bubba Smith.

His skill at getting to the core of a person’s essence when creating video portraits is unsurpassed. Dennis shows deep and genuine interest in people resulting in remarkable interviews. Conversations with Dennis Tardan can be found on his:




What Clients Say

“Being interviewed by Dennis and then turning around and watching the interview with him was an amazing revelation. He is a great coach, an excellent director, and his style is direct and affirming. Working with him has changed my view of myself and has opened doors for me that I never imagined I would walk through.”

Frank Butterfield


“After working with Dennis, I was totally blown away. I actually saw what it is that connects me to others and where I give all my power away! I was so impressed that I am going to do it again. Talk about building self confidence! It’s amazing seeing the magic we all have inside of us come to life!”

Karen McCullough

CEO, Karen McCullough & Co., Branding Expert, Speaker

Colorful Dennis

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