Connecting People To Purpose


Dennis Tardan is a professional interviewer, communication coach, and public speaker.  Clear and effective communication is an absolute imperative in our global economy.  

Dennis Tardan's unique interviewing style elicits remarkable interviews. His skill at getting to the core of a person's essence and creating a video portrait are unmatched.

Dennis Tardan Communications offers tailored communication training for groups and teams.  Dennis specializes in leadership, project delivery and team building designed to foster organizational success.

Dennis also spreads the message about the power of communication through his motivational speaking.  He has spoken to groups of 10 to 300 people in a variety of venues around the United States.

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Clients are Talking!

  • Butterfield
  • Smith
  • Kamps
  • Snow
  • Cone
  • McCullough
  • Looper

"Being interviewed by Dennis and then turning around and watching the interview with him was an amazing revelation. He is a great coach, an excellent director, and his style is direct and affirming. Working with him has changed my view of myself and has opened doors for me that I never imagined I would walk through."

--Frank Butterfield, Life & Work Coach, Austin, TX

“As part of my ongoing development, Dennis was recommended to me by my Line Manager in Shell. I understood that we would be working in the field of effective communications, and that we did... but much more. I have found - and am finding - an unfolding transformative experience. We discussed bridging the perceptive gap between self and others, and leveraging strengths and characteristics. I am becoming more effective, and more conscious in my daily interactions, more aware. more centered, more present. The gap, I am finding, is exactly where I need to be and our continued dialogue and interaction is opening new avenues in creativity and discovery. Thanks Dennis.”

--Derek Smith, Global Process Improvement, Shell Oil

"Thanks to your training, I know I'll be more effective and confident in giving my presentations to the growing number of team members in our company. I am now able to repeat what works well, while eliminating what gets in the way of a clearly communicated and effective message."

--Birgit D. Kamps, Partner, HireSynergy, Houston, TX

"Winning an Olympic gold medal takes honesty, sacrifice and input from many different sources. The video feedback and coaching with Dennis provided an intimate analysis of self, hence, a revived belief in my character and my abilities. This was a wonderful session that I recommend to anyone pursuing their own gold medal!"

--Randy Snow, Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Motivational Speaker

"Your training came at a good time for us. As a result, I believe our people who you worked with have more self-confidence to deal with both internal and external customers. We were able to identify common issues and develop the communication and accountability concerning them."

--Bill Cone, President, South Central Banking Community, Wells Fargo Bank

"After working with Dennis, I was totally blown away. I actually saw what it is that connects me to others and where I give all my power away! I was so impressed that I am going to do it again. Talk about building self confidence! It's amazing seeing the magic we all have inside of us come to life!"

--Karen McCullough, CEO, Karen McCullough & Co., Branding Expert, Speaker

"One of the most important keys in public speaking is for the speaker to feel confident in his delivery. Your video coaching clearly helped me understand my giftedness and strengths in speaking publicly. This has allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident which causes the audience to be more receptive to my message. Thank you for your help. Coaching presenters on their individual effectiveness is clearly one of your gifts."

--Terry Looper, CEO and Founder of Texon LP