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Capturing your story with a Legacy or Milestone Interview

Dennis excels at drawing people out and helping them see their own grace and talent.  For more than 40 years Dennis’ interviewing skills have been put to use exploring the human experience.  He began his career as a journalist and TV talk show host in the 70s evolving into a feature reporter, television producer/director, life documentarian, professional interviewer, and communication coach.

In a Legacy or Milestone interview Dennis uses insight, experience, and expertise to elicit profound and powerful stories from individuals.  Dennis paints a portrait of the authentic person he is interviewing with his passion.  Having a video interview of a loved one is a timeless treasure.  

His skill at setting a space for graceful conversation guides clients through impactful stories of their lives, their belief systems, challenges, triumphs and stories.  Dennis conducts interviews via Zoom at your convenience and are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour.   

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Ben and Dennis

Legacy Interviews

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Betty Schleder

Life and legacy interview

Lance Lein

On Life and Living and Death and Dying

“”This heart-centered video of my friend, Lance Lein — in the foreground and two other friends connecting with him off camera — brought into awareness the importance of deep listening and remembering to ask the meaningful questions. They are truly the ones that matter.

Choosing to record this brief moment, to ask those meaningful questions and to capture the true essence of a man is a gift that Dennis brings to our world. Within a brief time, Dennis revealed the richness and texture of the love between Lance and Jean as well as the pure simplicity of that which we call life.  You will want to listen with ears of love.”

Rev. Belinda Lightheart

What Interviewing Clients Say

Around age 50 I hit a career bump, working for a multinational oil company where Dennis Tardan was an approved external coach-for-hire.  Through his coaching, I gained confidence and success as I came to own both my strengths and my areas for improvement.  When I was approaching retirement, I asked Dennis to give me a life and legacy interview.   His questions nudged memories, making it so easy to tell my unique story.  I’d meant the recording to be a gift to my descendants one day, something they would find in a file with the will; but it was so much more:  a fun rehash of my life to date, an exciting awareness of my life yet-to-be.

Cathy Davis

“When Dennis interviewed me I was skeptical that I would like watching myself.  I finally agreed and I was thrilled with the result.  I was surprised at how clear I was about my passions.  I saw some mannerisms in myself that I had always admired in my sister but didn’t realize I had. I learned more about my journey and what I wanted to do next in my life.  I was so pleased that I asked Dennis to do an interview of my grandmother.  She was the light of my life and the interview he did a few years before her death has been watched and rewatched.  I value it more than I can say.”

Melissa Roth

Professional Organizer and Writer

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