Conversations with Dennis Tardan

  1. S8:E5 Another Coversation with David James
    I get the great pleasure to have a 3rd conversation with my friend David James. David is a conservative and I am a progressive.  We explore common ground and learn from one another.  
  2. S8:E4 A 3rd Conversation with David James
    David James is a conservative in the United States in 2018 Dennis Tardan is a the United States in 2018 We are determined to demonstrate that we can talk with and learn from one another.
  3. S7:E3 A 2nd Conversation with David James
    David James identifies himself as a conservative and lives in Austin, TX. Dennis Tardan identifies himself as a liberal and lives in Austin, TX. This is the 2nd conversation of a series between us about our world views and how we can establish more constructive dialogues from left to right.
  4. S7:E2 An Interview of Dennis by Susanne Winfree Merchant
    Dennis is interviewed by Susanne Winfree Merchant to dialogue between the left and the right in the USA of 2018
  5. S7:E1 A Conversation with David James
    David James is a man I highly respect for his intellect, his thoughtfulness, his curiousity and his sense of humor. David says he agrees with Rush Limbaugh on (approx) 90% of the issues. I find that Rush pushes my buttons and I want to dialogue with David so i can lower my emotional reactions while still maintaining my principles. I also want to share my progressive perspectives.  I resonate with with +90% of what Samantha Bee, Seth Meyer, Rachel Maddow, Nichole Wallace, Brian Williamson, and Ari Melber broadcast. That is the concept for this 30 minute conversation.
  6. S06:13 A Conversation with Manoj Vasudevan
    Manoj  Vasudevan is an international management consultant, world-class speaker, bestselling author, and  leadership  coach.  He has  over  20  years  experience coaching C-Level Executives, Senior Executives, Celebrities, UN diplomats, sales teams and professionals from all over the globe.  Here's what Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Leadership Thinker in the World, had to say about Manoj's latest book. “Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. This book will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!”  Here is a link to Manoj's book, The Mousetrap Way: It is also available on Amazon at Here is a link to Manoj's website and how to contact him:
  7. S06:08 A Conversation with Dr. Katriny Ikbal
    Dr. Katriny Ikbal is a  Board Certified Family Physician with an extreme passion for patient care. After spending several years working in various urgent care clinics, she became disillusioned because insurance-based healthcare severely limits patient/doctor interactions. She knew there had to be a better way.  The Direct Primary Care model that has been growing quickly throughout the U.S. was the answer she had been looking for.  In February of 2015, she opened her practice, Direct Med, in Austin, Texas. Here is a link:
  8. S06:06 A Conversation with Donna Fuller
    Name a career and humorist Donna Fuller has probably tried it. After many spins, the little silver ball in her game of career roulette has perfectly landed on funny motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, author and coach. Her job experiences have led to a vast accumulation of valuable knowledge about how to live the life you always wanted. Donna’s book is titled:   Happy Work  Happy Life.  An Inside Job. ~ Humorous work stories of how the healing power of pets saved my sanity. Here's a link to her book: Here is a link to all things Donna Fuller:
  9. S06:05 A Conversation with Michael Potter
    Michael Potter is a founder of the non-profit organization Geeks Without Frontiers.  Potter is also a Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Space Commerce.  Formerly Michael was an international telecommunications analyst at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C. Potter was also Vice Chairman of the founding Board of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA). He is a Director Global Connect. His articles on high technology business and policy have been widely published. Learn more about Geeks Without Frontiers here:
  10. S06:03 A Conversation with Dan Griffin
    Dan Griffin is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant for treatment programs, recovery courts, and mental health  programs, Dan is focused on developing gender-responsive, trauma-informed services for men.   Dan has been  in recovery since May 1994 and leads retreats and workshops throughout the country to help men deepen their  emotional recovery and enhance their relational competence.  He is the author of three ground-breaking publications:  A Man’s Way through Relationships: Learning to Love and Be Loved; A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps; and Helping Men Recover (co-author), Dan's website is:  
  11. S06:E01 A Conversation with Tuck Kamin
    Tuck Kamin is an award-winning creative director, writer and speaker.  He’s created ad campaigns for Southwest Airlines, Colgate Palmolive, Dell Computers and many others. Tuck has traveled the world to gather the wisdom from our leading physicians, psychologists, brain scientists (as well as from folks just like you and me) and synthesized his experiences into a new book, "Design Your Age: What's Best About You Never Ages." Here is a link to Tuck's website and book:
  12. S05-21 A Conversation with Ernesto Nieto
    Ernesto Nieto is president and founder of the National Hispanic Institute (NHI).  Since it’s beginning in 1979, the NHI has mentored more than 90,000 high school students on  with an institutional framework that adds value, purpose, and mission to their personal development and as future community leaders. Ernesto has written two books on Latino community leadership and many articles feature NHI in newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Ft. Worth Telegram, Austin American Statesman, and Christian Science Monitor.  Here is a link to the National Hispanic Institute:
  13. S05-20 A Conversation with Chef Budd Cohen
    Chef Budd Cohen graduated from Baltimore’s International Culinary College in 1990.  He's worked the executive chef at The Commissary Restaurant, opened up several restaurants for Neiman Marcus, was executive for the Sheraton Plaza at Valley Forge before joining Williamson Hospitality. Chef Budd has since dedicated his culinary career to promoting the connection between local farms and the cafeteria.  Chef Budd speaks and instructs chefs, food service directors, administrators and community organizations on values of reconnecting the food supply chain to the local farm community. Here is a link to Chef Budd's website: Here is a link to Chef Budd's book:
  14. S05:12 A Conversation with Kevin Biegel
    Kevin is the creator and co-executive producer of the television series Enlisted. Kevin will be a panelist at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, June 5-8, 2014. Here is a link to Kevin's panel: Enjoy!
  15. S05:11 A Conversation with Mike Royce
    Mike Royce -- writer, producer and showrunner -- is a featured panelist at the ATX Television Festival (3rd Season) in Austin, Texas, June 5-8, 2014 Mike's extensive enterainment credits include stints as executive producer (EP) and writer on "Everybody Loves Raymond", EP and showrunner of HBO's "Lucky Louie",  Mike's currently has a development deal with 20th Century Fox as EP and co-showrunner for Enlisted. Here is a link to Mike's panels at the ATX Television Festival:  
  16. S05:09 A Conversation with Chris Lowell
    The multi-talented Chris Lowell makes his directorial debut with the flim, Beside Still Waters.  Here is a link to the film: Chris has performed in Oscar nominated films (The Help, Up In The Air) and award winning TV shows (Private Practice, Veronica Mars).   In addition, Chris has built a successful career as a fine art photographer, which you can see here: Chris' first screenplay, The Bridgewater Umbrella was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab.  Most recently, you can find Chris acting on Fox's new comedy Enlisted as well as the upcoming Veronica Marsmovie.  He currently lives in New York City.
  17. S04-23 A Conversation with Tuck Kamin
    Tuck Kamin is an award-winning creative director, writer and speaker.  He’s created ad campaigns for Southwest Airlines, Colgate Palmolive, Dell Computers and many others. Recently, Tuck created a blog to help people to rethink the our preconceptions about aging. Here is a link to Tuck’s blog: Here is a link to Tuck’s company:
  18. S04-21 A Conversation with Sophia Dembling
    How can introverts thrive in a business world that values and rewards extroverts?   Sophia Dembling has much to share on the matter. Sophia's new book is: The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World. Here is a link to her books and her insightful and delightfully written blog at Psychology Today, "The Introvert’s Corner." (PS.. shout out thanks to David Baumbach for Sophia’s pic)
  19. S04-14 A Conversation with Caitlin McFarland & Emily Gipson
    Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson are co-founders of the Austin Television Festival, June 6-9, 2013.  Here is a link: Caitlin and Emily have spent the better part of a decade in a variety of areas of the entertainment industry — from film & television production to working within the network & studio systems; as well as being on the ground level of both the festival and filmmaker sides of Sundance, Tribeca and Doha Tribeca. Combining their knowledge, along with a wide number of prominent industry professionals that make up the Advisory Board, they are bringing Austin a one-of-a-kind festival experience.
  20. S04-13 A Conversation with Clay Bennett
    Clay is a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist who currently works at the Chattenouga Times Free Press in Tennessee and is syndicated internationally by the Washington Post Writers Group. Here is a link to Clay's archives at the Tiimes Free Press:  
  21. S04-12 A Conversation with Heather Busby
    Heather is the Executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. Prior to joining NPCT in Nov. 2012, Heather was an Assistant Travis County Attorney, procuring protective orders for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Heather is a longtime supporter of women's rights, a founding board member of The Lilith Fund and served on the boards of the National Network of Abortion Funds and Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Here is a link to NPCT 
  22. S04-10 A Conversation with Polly Lou Livingston
    Polly Lou is the voice and personna of Tree Trunks, the beloved animated character from CN's Adventure Time.  What follows is the story of how Polly Lou got this gig, how she developed the character, performed the scripts and the response she's received from around the world.
  23. S04:05 A Conversation with Victoria DeFrancisco Soto
    Victoria is the Director of Communications for Latino Decisions and a Senior Fellow at the Bernard Center for Women, Politics, and Public Policy.   Her research on political behavior has been widely published in scholarly journals and cited in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, and POLITICO. Victoria provides political analysis on both US politics and its global implications. In addition, Victoria contributes analysis MSNBC, Univision and CNN en Espanol as well on CNN en Espanol’s election coverage, MSNBC, FoxNews, NPR, and Sirius XM.  She is a regular blogger for POLITICO’S Arena, Huffington Post, and the Daily Grito. Victoria is a visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin where she currently resides with her husband, Neftali Garcia.  Victoria's website is:       Victoria's website is:
  24. S04:02 A Conversation with David Walker
      David is the co-founder of Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space. Since its opening in July 2008, Conjunctured has embraced a personality of fun, friendship, and “let’s make big things happen.”  David is passionate about expression, empowerment, and progress. A serial creator since age 16, he has run other businesses in the past, where he learned how to believe in himself and his power to create.  It wasn’t until Conjunctured that he learned how to believe in others and their power to surprise. More about David here: Learn more about Conjunctured here:
  25. S03-04 A Conversation with Nicole Cutts & Alianna Maren
      The launching point for this conversation will be the role of the Heroine’s Quest in women’s lives today.  Intrigued? Dr. Nicole Cutts is a success coach, licensed clinical psychologist, yogi, artist and author who empowers individuals to find their life's work and unleash their true potential.  She has appeared on BET, the BBC,  Roland S. Martin’s Urban Business Roundtable and various radio and TV programs.  She is a contributing writer for Identity Television, The Next Level, and The Diversity Channel.  More about Nicole: Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D., has made multiple innovative breakthroughs, with four awarded patents, in knowledge discovery and text mining, entity matching, sensor fusion, and predictive analysis.  Dr. Maren wrote the Handbook of Neural Computing Applications, and also Unveiling: The Inner Journey, under the nom de plume Alay’nya.  Her Ph.D. is in physical chemistry from Arizona State University, and her B.S. is in mathematics with a minor in chemistry.   More about Alianna:
  26. S03-03 A Conversation with Ethelbert Miller
    E. Ethelbert Miller is a literary activist, writer and poet.  He is the board chair of the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank located in Washington, D.C.  Ethelbert is also the director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University and has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Fellow 2004 and 2012. Ethelbert is the former chair of the Humanities Council of Washington, D.C.  and the author of several collections of poetry, he has also written two memoirs, FATHERING WORDS: THE MAKING OF AN AFRICAN AMERICAN WRITER (2000) and THE 5th INNING (2009). FATHERING WORDS was selected by the D.C. Public Library for its DC WE READ, one book, one city program in 2003. His poetry has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Norwegian, Tamil and Arabic. Ethelbert is often heard on National Public Radio.  Here is a link to his website:
  27. S03-01 A Conversation with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto
    I first saw Victoria as a panelist on my favorite television talk show, Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.  Her comments on the political landscape were so lucid, informative and mind-opening.  She graciously accepted an invitation to have a conversation with me.   Victoria received her Ph.D. from Duke University and was recently named one of the top 12 scholars in the country by Diverse magazine.  Her research on political behavior has been widely published in scholarly journals and cited in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, and POLITICO.   Victoria provides political analysis on both US politics and its global implications.   In addition, Victoria contributes analysis to Univision and CNN en Espanol as well on CNN en Espanol’s election coverage, MSNBC, FoxNews, NPR, and Sirius XM.  She is a regular blogger for POLITICO’S Arena, Huffington Post, and the Daily Grito.   Victoria is the Director of Communications for Latino Decisions and a Senior Fellow at the Bernard Center for Women, Politics, and Public Policy.  She is a visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin where she currently resides with her husband, Neftali Garcia.   Victoria's website is:
  28. S02-16 A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein
    Serendipitously, I learned of Charles through a YouTube video on lessons from and going forward from the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I was impressed by his mind, his heart as well as the clarity and insight with which he communicated.   Here is a link to the video   Below is link to Charles’ website The Ascent of Humanity, as well as to his books, articles and multimedia:
  29. S02-15 A Conversation with Howard Ross
    Howard Ross is one of the nation’s leading diversity training consultants and a nationally recognized expert on diversity, leadership, and organizational change.  His most recent book is ReInventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose, and Performance. Here is a link to Howard’s website and a glimpse into this many-faceted 21st century difference-maker.
  30. S02-14 A Conversation with David Simmonds
      David Simmonds has been a life-long Mexico traveler and has been writing about it for nearly 20 years.   He is currently an ambassador for the Mexico Today program set up by the Mexico Tourism Board and is the editor of   David also is the founder of One Town At a Time, a non-profit to help Mexico villages towards sustainability
  31. S02-07 A Conversation with Sarah Bird
    Sarah Bird is an novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.  Bird’s first published novel was Do Evil Cheerfully, a mystery. In 1986, her comic novel The Alamo House was published based on her experience as a graduate student at the University of Texas.      Her latest novel, The Gap Year, follows a mother and daughter in learning how to let go in those precarious moments before college empties the nest.   In addition to novels, Sarah has written screenplays for television and film and magazine articles for national magazines. She also writes a column for Texas Monthly.  Sarah lives in Austin, Texas.   Here is Sarah’s website:
  32. S02-04 A Conversation with Easton Sanderson
      I met Easton through The Scribe Collective, a worker’s cooperative that specializes in academic transcriptions at affordable rates.  I was looking for transcriptions and what (and who) I found was fascinating.  See for yourself   About Easton:  A self-described Civic Entrepreneur, Easton once dreamed of being a sea captain. He also dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper, a safari park ranger, and an archaeologist. But then he realized that people are pretty cool too and now he runs the art studio/production co-operative, Modern Craft. He also started Scribe Collective, but people keep him out of the spotlight now ever since he printed up business cards with “Commissar” as his job title.   Here is Easton’s website:
  33. S02-03 A Conversation with Huey Fischer
      Huey Fischer is a remarkable young man who is changing the political landscape in Texas.  I met Huey in 2010 while he was still 17 and campaigning to be on the rules committee at the Texas State Democratic Convention.  He won and represented Senate District 18 the day after his 18th birthday.   Huey is deeply thoughtful, articulate and involved.  He is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin working with groups like the University Democrats and Texas Young Democrats helping us in Texas and the nation as a whole to progress into a more compassionate and functional democracy. 
  34. S01-19 A Conversation with Susie Albin-Najera
      I was born in Mexico in 1948 and was naturalized as a US citizen with I was 6.  I still have a brother, sister, aunt, nieces, nephews and cousins who live there.  I maintain a deep affection for Mexico and am profoundly saddened by the endless news accounts of mayhem and violence that are a result of the war between the drug cartels and the government.    Is this the whole story of Mexico today?  No, of course not.    For another point of view, I offer a conversation with Susie Albin-Najera, a travel writer who created, “The Mexico Report”.  Susie describes her site as, “An online magazine/ blog/ resource website reporting and sharing positive, informational reports about Mexico and covers a variety of news and content related to Mexico, including travel, leisure, entertainment, arts, culture, people, places, community, cuisine, living and more.     Here is a link to her site:   Susie has a deep of love for my Mexico, its culture and its people.  I’m so looking forward to hearing this passion came about and her perspectives on the delights and challenges of her work.
  35. S01-17 A Conversation with Aprill Brandon
    I met Aprill when she was a humor columnist and arts/entertainment reporter for my hometown newspaper, The Victoria Advocate.  Her columns sparkled with wit, insight and self-effacing charm.  I could see she was destined for the big time.   In 2011, the route to the "big time" took her to Boston, MA, following her talented husband, Ryan, to his job at the Globe as a graphic designer.    Aprill's blog, "Broke Wife, Big City", can be found at  She's a wonderful storyteller who taps into the circumstances and feelings we all share and shows us the humor in them.   She's also a contributor to The Weekly Dig, Boston's best entertainment magazine.   I recommend you read her now so you can say you discovered her then.  This gal's goin' places and she'll regale us all the way with her adventures and misadventures. 
  36. S01-13 A Conversation with Max Gail
      In 1979, Barney Miller was a major hit television series on ABC in the fourth year of its seven year run.  Max Gail starred in the ensemble as Det. Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz.   I was in LA taking a shot a fame and fortune (missing the target high and to the left, but that’s another story).  I had begun a teeny-tiny-talk show on the local cable access channel.  I serendipitously ran into Max and he agreed to be a guest on the show, my first major celebrity.  Afterwards, Max invited me to the set and introduced me to the cast and the creator, Danny Arnold, who also came on my show.  Many other guests followed as a result of Max Gail’s appearance.   Max went on to perform in numerous films, television and on-stage, most notably on Broadway in “The Babe” which was later filmed and shown on PBS.   Max is a documentary film maker, actor, environmental and Native American activist and parent, not necessarily in that order.  He remains, as always, a graceful, thoughtful and generous human being.     Our conversation will focus upon what Max calls LAP, his quest to create context for dialogue (rather than debate) on air, on-line and on the level.   Curious?  Tune in or listen in the archive.