Connecting People To Purpose


In Life and Legacy Interviews, Dennis uses insight, experience, and genuine interest to elicit profound and powerful stories. His skill at getting to the core of a person's essence and creating a video portrait are unmatched.  

Dennis sets a space for graceful conversation to lead clients through the impactful stories of their lives -- early years, influences, struggles, achievements, joys, passions, values, relationships, and life-lessons. His passion is eliciting the compelling stories and life-journeys of those he interviews.

For more than 40 years, Dennis Tardan has been interviewing celebrities, athletes, artists, business leaders and innovators, authors, scientists, and spiritual leaders.  He has worked as a wire service correspondent, television reporter, tv talk show host, podcaster, and life documentarian. 

The interviews Dennis conducts are done with broadcast-quality camera, lighting, and audio.  The output is digitally mastered for preservation and sharing.


In 2011, Dennis returned to his talk show host roots and began “A Conversation with Dennis Tardan”, a featured podcast on Blog Talk Radio soon to begin his seventh season. His guests include syndicated columnists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, novelists, filmmakers, actors, non-fiction writers, poets and others on the path of life.  Click the Archive Menu to the right to hear some of the interviews and follow Blog Talk Radio.