Connecting People To Purpose


fpia1As your next speaker, Dennis Tardan will provide the members of your group or organization valuable tools for achieving success.  Your managers and teams will deliver their core messages with increased clarity, confidence and authenticity.  Dennis is a dynamic and gifted speaker who brings a fresh perspective to life and workplace challenges.  

His speech topics include: 

The Power of Communication—It's Not Just Business, It's Personal

Today's business world has evolved from a top/down leadership model into one that depends upon influencing and building relationships. Confident communication will result in clear objectives, cohesive projects, and increased effectiveness with leaders, peers, and staff.

Connecting with Hidden Strengths 

Effective teamwork is reliant on intentional interaction and building trust.  Access the strengths and talents of each member of the team or organization through the use of tools such as Appreciative Inquiry.  

Change Your Story, Impact Your Life 

What we tell ourselves, deeply impacts every aspect of our lives, from our peace of mind to the actual outcomes of our efforts.  Learn simple techniques that will help you change the way you interact with yourself, as well as the people in your life.    

Dennis has spoken to groups of up to 300 people in numerous organizations and companies such as Houston Organizational Development Network, U.S. Army, Rotary International, Shell Oil, Austin Business Owners, Austin Chamber of Commerce, ABWA, HR Roundtable, The Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the American Society for Quality.  

Contact Dennis Tardan to speak at your meeting, event, lunch, or presentation. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      361.652.4570