Connecting People To Purpose


Effective communication is essential for your project, team and organizational success.  Seamless communication within a group will improve creative thinking, messaging, collaboration, and create an atmosphere where teamwork and productivity flourish. 

Dennis Tardan Communication Consulting Workshops are customized to your organization and needs. Dennis Tardan works with you to unleash the talent in each member of the team during all project stages from pre-rollout to completion. If you are starting a new project, a merger, or having your annual retreat, Dennis Tardan's workshops help groups work better together to create profits and seamless messaging within and outside the company.

Dennis Tardan Workshop

The workshops are effective for:

  • Team Building
  • Board Objectives
  • Annual Retreats
  • Off-sites
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Kickoffs
  • Wrap-ups
  • New Projects
  • Group Dysfunction to High function

Clients include:
  Shell Oil, Farmers Insurance, NRG, Conoco Phillips, Siemens, First Capital Bank, Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Rice University, Junior League of Victoria, VISD, University of Houston.


Dennis also offers ongoing individual and team communication coaching designed to fit your goals. This collaboration will significantly increase confidence, creativity, and communication skills for you and your employees.