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About Dennis Tardan

Dennis Tardan is a professional 
interviewer and speaker, communication and  coach. His specialty is helping executives, managers, and teams to deliver their core messages with increased clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

Over Dennis’ 35-year career in the communication field, he has worked at all levels of media including wire service correspondent, newspaper columnist, writer, facilitator, public relations, talk show host, television producer, scriptwriter, actor, and director.

Dennis Tardan Com Coach

Dennis has always been fascinated by people telling their stories. So he built on that natural interest and interviewing skill as a talk show host and journalist. In 1993, Dennis started Video Memoirs to give people a chance to leave stories from their lives, in their own words, as a priceless legacy for their descendants.

Remarkably, the people who were interviewed told Dennis that they saw things about themselves they never really knew and that seeing the video had a profound impact upon them, often helping them to relate much better to those they knew and loved.

This gave Dennis an idea. If people in the prime of their careers could see themselves through a more objective lens, they could use this new awareness to be more effective. Dennis created, tested, improved and expanded his the unique Communication Skills Enhancement process that he’s used to help individual clients and teams around the world.

Dennis also spreads the message about the power of communication through his motivation speaking. He has spoken to groups of 10 to 300 people in a variety of venues around the United States

In 2011, Dennis returned to his talk show host roots and began “A Conversation with Dennis Tardan” on Blogtalkradio. His guests include syndicated columnists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, novelists, filmmakers, actors, non-fiction writers, poets and others.

Dennis and his wife, Melissa, live in Austin, Texas.